Why People Love Collectible Pins

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Pin collecting has always been a popular hobby and continues to be so. There is such a huge variety to choose from and since they are small, they don't take up a lot of space. Before you begin to collect them, decide what your favorite category is, such as sports, entertainment or even politics.

If your favorite category is sports, you can narrow it down to your favorite team or player. There is no end to the types of pins offered in this category. You can collect pins that solely represent your own favorite recreational activity, such as fishing or even bowling

Another popular category is entertainment. Disney Pins are very popular, but you can also choose can also get pins that represent movie stars or rock bands.

Featured Disney Collectible Pins

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Many people like to collect pins from their favorite political party and candidates. They also collect the many buttons that these individuals handout and display them proudly.

Yet another category is pins from events. If you go to a concert or a festival or any type of popular event, chances are you can get a pin that represents it.

There are various ways to display your pin collection. One way is to mount them on a hat or a cap. This is especially popular with the sports fans, because they can wear it when they go to watch the big game at their friend's house. Other people mount them on jerseys and jacket lapels, vests and purses. Because they are pins, they can be mounted on just about anything.

Another easy way to display them is to mount them in a scrapbook or a notebook. If you're going to use a notebook, select a loose leaf binder that offers a zipper or Velcro fastener. Instead of paper, use craft foam or sheets of dark felt, so that you can securely fasten the pins to the pages.

They can also be mounted on a bulletin board. This is a good option because your collection is bound to grow and you can fit a lot of pins on a bulletin board. It also makes a nice room display, because the collection is easily viewed by whoever enters the room. Consider covering the board with black velvet. This makes a beautiful background for your collection and brings out their full beauty.

It can be hard to avoid getting scratches on your pins, no matter how hard you try to protect them. If your pins get scratches, a little car wax might be able to smooth them over.

The next time you're looking for a hobby, consider pin collecting. It's fun, inexpensive and there are so many choices to choose from, you'll never get bored.

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