Why Do Celebrities Wear Vintage Clothing

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Why Do Celebrities Wear Vintage Clothing?

Many people wonder why these actresses, models and singers who have plenty of money are opting to wear vintage over brand new designer clothing like fellow celebrities. Each celebrity may claim to have their own reasons but here are some of the reasons why celebrities are opting to go the vintage route these days.

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The first and probably biggest reason you will see more and more celebrities wearing vintage is due to the fact they want to look and feel different. Vintage clothing from different decades not only represents a completely different look but rather a different time and place where clothing was really glamorous.

Celebrities may look for pieces from a certain decade that they feel represent who they really are inside. For example Nicole Richie has long been known for wearing vintage or "new" vintage clothing representative of the 1960's and 1970's because she has a peaceful, free spirit that she tries to show. Other celebrities such as Wynona Ryder enjoy vintage clothing because it puts them in a classy, glamorous light while celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Lily Allen opt for more funky pieces to show off their versatility.

In addition to wanting to wear clothing to represent certain parts of their personalities many celebrities enjoy wearing vintage clothing because they know it will be hard for others to copy their look and try to find the same pieces.

Most celebrities have very little privacy and even though they may appreciate their fans and the fact that their fans try to follow in their fashion footsteps they see wearing vintage clothing as something they can have for themselves that is difficult for others to take from them. They may shop at online stores that sell special pieces or in pricey boutiques where they know they will be getting a one of a kind look.

Lastly many celebrities choose to wear vintage clothing for the simple fact that it looks cool to them. Each season there are several looks that seem to get worn by everybody. Celebrities who wear vintage clothing may feel as though they are a work of art when they step out in their vintage clothing rather than be like everyone else. They are showing the world they are different and do not mind it.

One thing is for certain, with more and more celebrities opting to wear vintage it is going to be interesting to see how it affects the fashion world in the future.

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