Vintage Tiffany Lamps Offer Design and Decor

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tiffany lamps

Antique & Vintage Tiffany Lamps

The man behind the famous Tiffany Lamps was Louis Comfort Tiffany. He used to design stained glass windows in New York and once, while experimenting with some leftover glass pieces, he hit upon the idea of creating lampshades with them. That was in 1899. Today, Tiffany lamps continue to be appreciated for their timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship.

Featured Antique & Vintage Tiffany Lamps

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A testament to their popularity is the millions of dollars they command at auctions. An original Tiffany lamp is priceless and is an absolute collector's item. All Tiffany lamps have lampshades made of colored glass pieces. The glass pieces are cut into precise shapes and then joined together by copper foil to form a lampshade. Copper foil is both strong and light, making it ideal for the shade.

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