Vintage, Retro, Cocktail and Rockabilly Dresses

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rockabilly dresses

Rockabilly Dresses and Clothing

Rockabilly dresses and Rockabilly Clothing accentuate the figure and cater to a woman's independent spirit with timeless and classic styles. They are worn by all ages, shapes and sizes and are especially flattering on curvy women. Rockabilly clothes are always classy, timeless, and attention grabbing.

Featured Vintage Rockabilly Dresses

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Rockabilly dresses have been featured in the world’s top fashion magazines including Vogue, Lucky, CosmoGirl, Latina, Life and Style, Allure, Seventeen, People, In Touch, Elle Girl and more.

Rockabilly clothes have been worn by a countless number of celebrity A-listers including Paris Hilton, Eva Mendes, Kim Kardashian, Trisha Yearwood, Zooey Deschanel, and Ashley Greene, one of the co-stars of the hit blockbuster movie "Twilight."

There are 100s of beautiful vintage, retro, cocktail and rockabilly dresses and rockabilly clothes to choose from online.

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