Vintage Playing Cards Deck

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Vintage Playing Cards Deck

Vintage Playing Cards Deck

I never would have guessed that vintage playing cards would be such a sought after item, but after a little research I find they are indeed a highly collectible item. eBay of course has literally hundreds of live auctions at any given time.

As of this writing there was a deck of "1810 French Playing Cards" going for almost $300 and two decks of "Vintage SBM Loews Monte Carlo Playing Cards" going for almost $200. If you are into collecting vintage playing cards then you have found the best place to start. Check out these LIVE auctions going on right now!

Featured Vintage Playing Cards

Collectors Weekly Has a Good article on the history of Playing Cards...

Playing cards originated in ancient China, and were introduced into Europe sometime in the 14th century. There are a wide variety of collectible cards today, from highly ornamented early European cards to tarot cards to 20th century decks issued by railroads, casinos, and cruise lines, or reflecting contemporary themes like war, politics and sports.

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