Vintage Planet of the Apes Posters

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vintage planet of the apes

Vintage Planet of the Apes Posters

Do we have any Planet of the Apes fans here? This is probably one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies of all time. Even with a low initial budget it managed to capture my attention and made me want to watch all the later "Ape" movies that followed.

Seemed like each movie afterward got less and less of a budget to work with, and by the time we got to Conquest of the Planet of the Apes it was almost an embarrassment to watch, but you just had to know how it ended.

Anyway, if you want to decorate your walls with some classic Sci-Fi movie memorabilia, then a few Vintage Planet of the Apes Posters are a must have. Consider framing them and adding a few posters to your den or "man cave". These posters are not easy to find so if a listing comes up with a good quality poster grab it quick!

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Now for the few real hard core "Planet of the Apes" fans. Here is a flicker site that is sure to capture your attention. There are pictures of filming locations the way they looked at the time the movie was made and a side by side shot of what the same location looks like today. Thanks to T Hoffarths for these great pictures.

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