Vintage Picnic Baskets

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vintage picnic basketBy the time I grew up in the late 60's - early 70's the tradition of "going on a picnic" was pretty much fading away.

I remember my parents always talking about going out on a picnic when they were younger, but for a kid in the middle of the hippie era, it just didn't hold the same attraction.

Now being quite a bit older I sometimes wish we had done more "picnics". So for those folks who spent the weekend afternoons around a picnic basket, these listings are for you.

Find Vintage Picnic Baskets on eBay

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I really did not realize there was a demand for vintage picnic baskets, but there are a lot of them available on eBay. If you want to re-live some good times from way back, grab one of these gems and hit the parks for a leisurely afternoon brunch out of a picnic basket.

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