Vintage Clothes Hangers

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Vintage Clothes Hangers

Vintage Clothes Hangers

Well someone did a search for Vintage Clothes Hangers on this site and it turned up zip, zero, zilch, so I feel obligated to list a few in case anyone else is searching this site. A quick look at these bad boys from way back and you can see why they are still in demand (wooden hangers are still available new). The nicest are made of wood and heavy gauge wire hooks. Compared to the cheap plastic clothes hangers you get today, these vintage clothes hangers are not going to be easily broken. If you have a nice vintage clothes collection then these are just a must have.

Vintage Clothes Hangers and Sets Available Online

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A lot of these hangers can be picked up for just a few bucks at these LIVE auctions, so grab a set and tell the cashier at Kohl's to keep the plastic hangers for her stuff!

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