Tips on Buying Vintage Coach Handbags

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Have you been searching for a Vintage Coach Handbag? We have some very good listings here that maybe just what your looking for, but before you buy that perfect Coach handbag, be sure to read the following 10 red flags to watch out for. Below is a small list of things to watch out for when buying a pre-owned Vintage Coach Handbag.

  1. CHECK SELLERS FEEDBACK! -That is the most important. See if they have sold fake Coach in the past.
  2. WATCH OUT FOR EXCUSES! - "Got it from a wholesaler", Selling it for my friend",  "It was a gift", "Bought it at an auction and dont know"
  3. TINY PICTURES OF THE BAG! - So tiny you cant even see them with a magnifying glass. Authentic sellers SHOW LOTS OF PICTURES
  4. WONT ANSWER QUESTIONS! - Dead giveaway it is probably fake! Or they get mad if you ask If the bag is real.
  5. READ THE DESCRIPTION! - Read description carefully, sometimes they will tell you it is fake without you even knowing it!
  6. PAYMENT! Watch out for sellers who ONLY accept money orders and cashier checks. You send a genuine USPO money order or a bank cashiers check then some days later you receive the check or money order back and guess what? it is FAKE! Money orders and cashiers checks can also can be counterfeited!
  7. FOREIGN COUNTRY SELLERS - Use caution! Most counterfeit designer handbags are made overseas and they actually use children to hand make these handbags. There is evidence that the money made from these counterfeit handbags goes toward organized crime and terrorists! I highly recommend buying from US sellers.
  8. SELLERS WHO HAVE MULTIPLE AUCTIONS OF THE SAME HANDBAG! Another dead give away the handbags they are selling are fake!
  9. NEW SELLERS- Watch out for the new member with new coach items offering you a brand new Coach handbag, "Buy it now" for $59.00
  10. REMEMBER- If it sounds to good to be true! It probably is.

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Did you know that 98% of all the women in the United States carry a handbag. It doesn't matter if it is a $20,000 Hermes Birkin or a $2.00 flea market find. If you consider purchasing a pre-owned Vintage Coach Handbag, please keep in mind there are so many fake handbags out there it is unbelievable! Why waste your hard earned money for a fake that will probably fall apart anyway.

Look for Leather Coach Handbags that are made in the USA. The leather is a better quality and It is thicker and heavier then the Coach Leather Bags that are made overseas. Coach makes handbags in several different countries including China & Costa Rica. Ask sellers questions! Is the color even? Is the stitching tight? Is the hardware in good working condition? When and where was the bag purchased?

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  1. HandbagHunter says:

    Wow, been looking for a vintage handbag and found two posts here with exactly what I was after. Im sure I will be back.

  2. Vintage Auctions says:

    Glad to gear it. Vintage Coach purses and handbags have been quite popular lately. eBay is a great resource for these types of vintage auctions.

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