Vintage Sunburst Clocks

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Vintage Sunburst Clocks

Vintage Sunburst Clocks

Come Come now..... If you are old enough that you lived through the 1960's or 1970's you must remember these sunburst clocks. They were all the rage and everyone I knew had one in the living room or even the kitchen.

Times changed (hah I didn't even notice the pun till I finished the sentence) and people moved on to more modern digital clocks.

Fast forward to today and now everyone wants another "Sunburst Clock" on their wall! I knew I should have kept mine! Anyway, if your one of the many collectors that crave the 60's "kitch" items (me included) then these listings will be of particular interest.  Geeezzzz, you know you want one!

Featured Vintage Sunburst Clocks Available Online

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Yeah, I had to resort to the Urban Dictionary (only to double check my meaning, hah). Heres what they say about "Kitch"....

A style of decorative art and design in which ordinary objects with vintage appeal, "old-fashioned" characteristics or banal usefulness feature prominently. Clutter, trite sayings, kitchen utensils and homey objects appeal as "kitchy". Dish towels embroidered with the days of the week, hand-painted or decopage wooden boxes, aprons, cutsie baby figurines.

Whatever "Kitchy" is, these sunburst clocks are still darn cool!

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