Six Rare US Coins

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While some US coins are rare, there are those coins that are among the rarest of all collectible coins. Some may wonder how there can even be rare US coins considering the sheer volume produced over the years. The reason is some coins were not produced in high volume and many coins were recalled and destroyed. Such circumstances eventually created what is today the modern US coin collecting market. Of course, some coins are far scarcer than others with some rare US coins being on the very of extinction. What are some of the rarest of coins? Here is a look at 6 of them:

1849 Coronet Double Eagle. This $20 gold piece remains one the all-time rarest of rare US coins. There is only one left in the entire world. Needless to say, anyone that discovers the second known coin of this minting would also be gaining an acquisition worth millions.

1804 Silver Dollar. There are only 15 known coins remaining out of the many 1804 silver dollars produced. Are here more out there lost somewhere? If so, time will tell and whoever discovers it will certainly be a very lucky collector since the value of these coins is in the millions of dollars.

1913 Liberty Head Nickel. This coin has such a unique tale that it has become somewhat legendary in collector's circles. This coin was ordered discontinued in 1912 but 5 more were made by accident in 1913. One individual collector was able to acquire all 5 of these coins. This became a very treasured acquisition since the person that procured these 5 coins amassed a huge equity over the years. The immense rarity of these coins is what makes them an elusive prize that even those who could afford the millions they are worth still cannot purchase them a treasured prize. Adding to their value is the unique origin that spawned them.

1943 Copper Penny. It is not the copper that makes this particular penny a rarity; it is the inclusion of a bronze alloy. During WWII, bronze was rationed and these pennies were not supposed to include bronze. Of course, accidents do happen and some of these pennies were produced with a bronze alloy. This has allowed them to become a curious and prized collectible item in various collecting circles.

1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. Due to the enormous financial disaster that was known as The Great Depression, President Roosevelt was moved to take the US off the gold standard. That necessitated the recall of numerous gold coins so they could be melted down. This coin was one recalled and melted down. However, a small number of these coins remained in circulation. In 1992, one of these coins was sold in an auction for $7 million.

1970 Lincoln Penny Doubled Die Obverse. Not all pennies are worth one cent. This rare 1970 penny is worth $3,000. The minting process that created the "double die obverse" error also created a valuable penny that remains one of the most sought after collectible pennies in history.

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