Rosie The Riveter Posters, Pins, Signs & Buttons

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rosie the rivetor

Rosie The Riveter Posters, Pins, Signs & Buttons

Who was Rosie the Riveter? Find out more about the contributions by women to the World War Two Home Front from the Rosie the Riveter Memorial.

What Is the Rosie the Riveter Memorial?

The Rosie the Riveter Memorial: Honoring American Women's Labor During WWII, is the first national monument to celebrate and interpret women's crucial contributions to the World War Two Home Front. It is located in Richmond, CA, in Rosie the Riveter Memorial Park at the site of the former Kaiser Shipyards, which were the largest and most productive of World War II.

What Does the Memorial Commemorate?

The Memorial commemorates and interprets the important contributions that women made to the war effort as increasing numbers of men joined the armed services. Over 6 million women from all backgrounds, and from all over the country, worked at industrial jobs that challenged traditional notions of women's capabilities and ensured American productivity that helped to win the war. The sight of women outfitted in overalls and wielding industrial tools became an icon that was popularized in the 1942 song, "Rosie the Riveter," providing a nickname for all women who worked in wartime industries. Across the nation women worked in defense industries and support services including shipyards, steel mills, foundries, lumber mills, warehouses, offices, hospitals and daycare centers.

Featured Rosie The Riveter Posters, Pins, Signs & Buttons

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