Retro and Vintage T-Shirts are Back in Style

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vintage tshirts

Vintage T-Shirts are Back in Style

What to Look Out For When Buying Vintage T Shirts.

I don't have enough fingers or toes to count the times that I've found the holy grail of vintage t shirts, only to find that they are filled with moth bites or 20 year old mustard stains. There are many precautions I take when buying vintage clothing. Always make sure there are no stains on the particular item. Nothing says bad day like a giant blood splotch or giant grass stain. If you're a wild one, and figure you're just going to go oxy-clean it at home, just make sure that its not a gross stain.

Featured Retro and Vintage T-Shirts

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Make sure the particular item fits. Now I know trying on vintage clothing while you're at a thrift store sounds gross, but just put it in front of you to get the basic idea of whether or not it fits. I've come home from thrift stores so excited about a new flannel or jeans, and after washing them realizing they're two sizes too small.

Check for holes or seam rips. Often times if its not too bad, you can bring it up to the counter and get a discount on it. When devoting yourself to vintage fashion, its best to learn some basic tailoring techniques, to patch things up or sewing on buttons.

After you find a funny vintage t-shirt, and its PERFECT, its really best if you wash your item before wearing them. A lot of thrift stores will wash their merchandise, but its better to be safe than sorry. I've gotten some shirts that definitely had a remaining body odor on them until they were washed.

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