Maple Leaf Gold Coin

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maple leaf gold coin

The Maple Leaf Gold Coins are known and respected throughout the world because of the impeccable standards of quality mandated by the Royal Canadian Mint. One of the most practical ways to invest in gold is to own Maple Leaf gold coins. Gold Maple Leaf coins are an investment to own and to admire and touch.

Featured Maple Leaf Gold Coins

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The Royal Canadian Mint's insistence upon flawless planchets, the pure gold blanks from which gold coins are struck, has led to an enviable reputation among demanding investors and collectors. Its impeccable quality, pleasing design, and fine gold purity has made the Maple leaf gold coin one of the preferred gold coins of investors around the world.

Each gold Maple Leaf coin features the image of Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth the second, along with the denomination and date of issue, on the obverse side, and an image of Canada's national symbol, the maple leaf from which the coin derives its name, on the reverse side, along with the name of the country and the level of purity of the gold, listed in both English and French.

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