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Vintage handbags are becoming quite popular on ebay and Gucci is a desirable brand. Gucci designs are timeless, this is why vintage Gucci handbags are still so popular and sought after even today.

It seems like the fashion industry is dedicated to churning out hot new designs that will be overshadowed by the next season's spectacular designs, but some fashion fanciers still have a sentimental side for the past. There is usually a good selection of Vintage Gucci Handbags available at auction, but don't let that fool you. Place your bids early before the one you want is gone!

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  1. Vintage Auctions says:

    Hi Dixie,

    The best way to determine the actual value would be to offer it online at an auction like ebay. Set your reserve very high so it wont be met and see how high it gets bid up to. You could always check completed auctions and see if anyone has sold a similar purse in the past 30 days. Good Luck!

  2. Dixie Barker says:

    Where would I get an estimate on the value of a GUCCI handbag I own? It has been estimated to be 1920’s, amber crystal clutch. Crystals appear to be Swarovski but could be something else.

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