How to Find a Coach Handbag That’s Right For You

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coach handbagsHow to Find a Coach Handbag That's Right For You

If you are a handbag lover you probably have a large collection of great handbags that really define you as a person and your fashion taste and style. You also probably have a selection of designer handbags including Coach because Coach styles are so versatile and classic that you cannot go wrong owning one or two of them. The latest trends are even becoming more stylish with different designs, colors and handbag styles. If you want to buy a Coach handbag and you do not have a true style that you can identify when it comes to shopping for fashion accessories such as handbags, you can put some thought into your selection and find a Coach Handbag that's right for you.

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Identifying the purpose: The first thing that you would have to take into consideration is identifying the purpose that your handbag will fulfill. In other words, what is this handbag for? Do you want a Coach handbag that is more casual for everyday wear or do you want one that is a bit more elegant for a night out? Many career women love Coach handbags for their classy professional style. Do you want something that you can put your entire life into or do you want a handbag that has a specific function? Once you narrow down the purpose of this next handbag, you can move on to other factors.

Choosing the style: Another factor to consider is the style of Coach handbag you are looking for. Do you want something that is large like a tot bag so that you can carry around a bunch of items and it will accompany you along your other shopping endeavors? Do you want something that is small like a clutch or mini? Coach handbags come in a variety of new styles that you can choose from including the Parker Collection that is simple yet elegant, the Heritage Stripe that has a hint of couture, or you can choose from classic Zoe styles that are functional and traditional.

Choosing the Shape and Material: Aside from different styles of Coach handbags, there are different shapes to choose from. You can look into shapes that have basic designs or more complex ones with many compartments and pockets for storing different items. The shapes of Coach handbags range from large tote bags, shoulder bags such as the hobo style, satchels and even ones that go across the body. Many Coach purses are made with high quality fabric but there are chic leather ones. Some that have the signature Coach fabric have leather trimming.

Choosing the Color: Color is an important factor to consider for a handbag. You may want a handbag that will match your outfit, shoes or accessories. If you want a handbag for everyday wear, identify the colors that you usually wear so that you can coordinate. If you wear a lot of neutrals, you may want a neutral Coach handbag for day wear such as beige, brown, white or grey. For a night out or event, you may want a black handbag. Or if you want to make a statement and bring some change to your fashion, you can go for bold colors. The latest trends have come out with bright and even pastel colors for the spring collection. In fact, looking at the season is a great way to figure out what colors to choose if you want to be trendier.

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