Dr. Dolittle Pushmi Pullyu Stuffed Llamas

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Anyone remember the 1967 movie Dr. Doolittle? Then you might remember these guys, the "Pushmi-Pullyu" Llamas. These are the types of things that nightmares are made of. However, if your a collector of movie memorabilia or just happen to not be scared to death of these freaky things, then you MIGHT find one or two at auction. Each time I checked there were only a few of these Llamas available. Better grab one while you still can.

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Here are a few of the other animals in Dr. Doolittle movies and books.....

Polynesia - Polynesia is Doctor Dolittle's parrot, a Blue-and-yellow Macaw. She is able to speak English and first taught Doctor Dolittle the language of animals. She always says she can never remember how old she is, but she remembers that when she came to England, she saw Charles I hiding in an oak tree from the Roundheads: "he looked very frightened".

Gub-Gub - Gub-Gub is Doctor Dolittle's pig. He is a great lover of food. Gub-Gub's Book, An Encyclopaedia of Food is written as if it was written by Gub-Gub.

Jip - Jip is Doctor Dolittle's dog. He has a very strong sense of smell. In The Story of Doctor Dolittle, he was able to rescue a man stranded on an island by following the man's scent.

Chee-Chee - Chee-Chee is a monkey. In The Story of Doctor Dolittle, Chee-Chee was once the property of an organ-grinder but soon lived with the doctor.

Dab-Dab - Dab-Dab is Doctor Dolittle's duck. After the doctor's sister, Sarah Dolittle, leaves the house in Puddleby due to her dislike of alligators, Dab-Dab becomes the doctor's housekeeper.

Too-Too - Too-Too is the doctor's owl. He acts as the Doctor's accountant, and can tell the Doctor immediately how much money he has in the money box.

 Pushmi-pullyu - The pushmi-pullyu (pronounced "push-me—pull-you") is a "gazelle-unicorn cross" which has two heads (one of each) at opposite ends of its body. When it tries to move, both heads try to go in opposite directions. Dr. Dolittle meets it on his voyage to Africa to save monkeys. In the 1967 film, the pushmi-pullyu was portrayed as a double-headed llama. The Eddie Murphy film has a brief scene where it is walking in the background while Dr. Dolittle talks to the tiger in the cage. This is in keeping with the fact that Murphy's movie version was only loosely based on the books.

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