Cow Salt n Pepper Shakers

| April 1, 2020 | 3 Comments

cow-salt-pepperThe Cow Collector keeps finding more and more cool items to hoard. These seem to be a great collectible item for the cow lover..... Cow Salt n Pepper Shakers. Maybe Im running late for this party but these are really unique. So where do you find these little treasures? Think eBay!

Take a look at these listings for New, Used, and especially the Vintage cow salt n pepper shakers. If you know a cow collector or maybe your one yourself, your sure to find something you like from these listings.

Got a cool site that features or even carries cow collectibles? Let me know so I can add it to our "cow collectible pages" here to share with everyone.

Find More Cow Collectibles Here....

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  1. Cow Collector says:

    Nice selection of Salt n Pepper shakers. great site for the cow collector!

  2. Vintage Auctions says:

    Hi boxed meals.

    If you run a wordpress blog then the akismet plugin is a must have. If you need any help, just use the contact form. The Link is at the top of every page under the site name.


  3. Bambi Claypoole says:

    Hey buddy! Really liked that article. Let me know if you post any more.

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