Art Frahm Pin Up Examples of Glamour

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art frahm pin up

Art Frahm Pin Ups

Art Frahm compares favorably with such master technicians in oil as Gil Elvgren. But his significance comes out of his defining roles in two seemingly opposite pin up categories. Many of his works were outstanding examples of the glamour genre. His perfectly coifed, daringly dressed beauties glowed in the midst of romantic soft settings.

Featured Art Frahm Pin Ups

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Art Frahm, whose commercial art ranged from magazine cover illustration to zany "hobo" calendar paintings, excelled in the "ladies in distress" series for the Joseph C. Hoover & Sons calendar company, in which a lovely girl is literally caught with her panties down, her lacy undies slipping to her ankles while she's in the process of bowling, walking the dog or changing a tire.

Check out The Pin Up Files as a great resource for more Art Frahm Pin Up history and Galleries.

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