Antique Hohner Harmonicas

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Matthias Hohner, was originally a clockmaker. He started making harmonicas by hand in 1857. There were 650 made in the first year. Hohner harmonicas quickly became popular and during Matthias' lifetime and he built the largest harmonica factory in the world. During the American Civil War, Matthias Hohner gave harmonicas to family members in the United States who in turn gave them to the fighting soldiers.

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Featured Antique Hohner Harmonicas

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In the 1920s Hohner began manufacturing chromatic harmonicas that can be played in any key. In the mid 1950's Hohner began producing electric guitars. In 1964 Hohner released The Beatles Harmonica Kit which was sold in a blister package, much like most Hohner harmonicas nowadays, retailed for $2.95, and help what Hohner calls "bring about a new popularity upsurge of the Hohner harmonica on both sides of the Atlantic.". In the 1970s Hohner began manufacturing acoustic guitars, and re-producing electric guitars. Read more about Hohner harmonicas online at wikipedia

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  1. eric says:

    the picture of the chromatic harp, with the tigerwood case..a 64 , looks old, can you tell me about it???..the one in the info field

  2. Penni Biehl says:

    My father passed away and has an extensive collection. Most are Hohner. Some say, made it West Germany. I know about the star between the hands which indicates they are Pre-WWII. During the war they company removed the 6 point star due to it resembling the Star of David, as not to have problems with the Nazi’s. He also has many that look like they were made for a special year, occasion, etc. I would love to sell the collection as a whole. Please contact me.

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