Antique Flame Mahogany Furniture

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Flame Mahogany Furniture

Antique Flame MahoganyFlame Mahogany wood is hard to find and the furniture made from it is absolutely gorgeous and very unique. So just what is Flame Mahogany? 'Flame' or 'crotch-cut' mahogany is cut at the crotch where a limb protruded from the trunk of the tree, producing a flame-like figure.

It is a cutting technique also used with other fine hardwoods, including walnut, and is extremely expensive, given the small number of major limbs on any trunk. It is a hallmark of quality in furniture construction and is highly-prized for its inherent beauty.

Take a look at some of these listings of LIVE auctions of furniture made from this beautiful wood.

Featured Antique Flame Mahogany Furniture

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