Antique and Vintage Oak Blanket Boxes

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oak blanket box

Oak is one of the most beautiful and durable woods available for almost any piece of furniture, and it is especially true for blanket boxes. An oak blanket box makes a stunning piece of furniture for the bedroom that will work with almost any theme you care to design.

Featured Antique and Vintage Oak Blanket Boxes

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Using an Oak Blanket Box

It's not just the look of it that makes an oak blanker box such a useful piece for any bedroom, it's also a very useful item to have. As the name suggests, most people use an oak blanket box to store their blankets in.

It is usually kept at the foot of the bed with spare blankets and bed linens allowing the bed sheets to be changed at a moments notice. But storing blankets is not the only way to use such a box.

Because oak is such a sturdy and attractive wood, the boxes can have many uses. It is able to store most anything that you can think of from toys, to your clothing. For many people it is simply an attractive way of solving the problem of a lack of storage space in their bedroom.

The oak blanket box is a concept that comes with a long history. Oak has been traditionally used in all sorts of furniture manufacture throughout the ages, as it is a sturdy, strong and very attractive wood. Even though times may have changed since the oak blanket box was first created, there is still a lot of life in it. If you are looking for a piece of furniture that is both attractive AND practical, then look no further than an oak blanket box.

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