Vintage Shawnee Smiley the Pig Cookie Jar

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Shawnee Vintage Smiley the Pig Cookie Jar

Vintage Smiley the Pig Cookie Jar

If your old enough to remember these then you know what kind of goodies they held inside. My grandmother had one of these in her kitchen and it was the first place we would check when visiting, looking for some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Smiley the Pig cookie jars are one of the most collectible items in kitchenware.

Find Vintage Shawnee Smiley the Pig Cookie Jars Online

Smiley the Pig has been around since 1944, when Rudy V. Ganz obtained the pig patent for the Shawnee Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. Shawnee used the Smiley theme for creamers, salt-and-pepper shakers and creamers. Because the colors and costumes vary, collectors look for jars with unusual colors, decal placement or gilt trim.

Shawnee closed in 1961 and was never a big maker of cookie jars. They were better known for inexpensive novelty wares like vases and figurines. Recognizing a real vintage Shawnee cookie jar will take a little effort because there are a lot of reproductions available. Look underneath for a raised-edge ring that follows the contour of the base, and look inside, most real Shawnee cookie jars are completely glazed inside as well.

A Vintage Smiley the Pig Cookie Jar in mint condition might fetch as much as $365 on ebay so if you have one keep him in good shape. If not you can find one in the listings here.......

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