Vintage Holiday Sears Catalog Soar on eBay

| August 31, 2017 | 4 Comments

eBay Sales of Vintage Holiday Sears Catalog Soar. Orem, UT, November 20, 2009 --( HammerTap, the industry leader in eBay market research, investigated sales of holiday-themed books on the eBay marketplace this November. The clear winners were Vintage Sears Roebuck Christmas Catalogs from the 1950s and 1960s.

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Over the last 30 days, 153 of these catalogs were placed up for bid on the eBay marketplace, with 73% of them successfully ending in a sale. The average selling price was $45 for each catalog. But there were some high-sellers in the bunch, as well. A 176 page Wish List Sears catalog from 1943 sold for $305 and a 439 page catalog from 1952 sold for $255.

“We definitely found a few gems in these catalogs,” says Jen Cano, HammerTap spokesperson. “And our research into last year’s listings of the same item showed an equal trend. This likely indicates that we will see sales for these books remain steady during the holiday season for years to come.”

In-depth research into the catalogs showed that listings that included the word Roebuck increased the average selling price from $45 to $96, a $50 increase in selling price. In addition, 100% of listings with the word Roebuck in them ended in a sale.

Cano advises vintage book sellers to keep an eye out for the Sears catalog all through the coming year as a sure profit-maker for the next holiday season on the eBay marketplace. She also suggests that when it’s time to sell, sellers use an eBay market research tool to find simple ways to increase profits.


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