Vintage and Antique School Desks

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Vintage and Antique School Desks

When people think about vintage or antique school desks, they usually picture the rustic wood desks that lined the single room school houses of the 1800's, or the drab metal desks found in schools throughout the later 1900s.

However, the history of the antique school desk is one filled with beautiful designs and elaborate workmanship. If you plan on buying a vintage or Antique School Desk, then the best place to start looking are popular live auction listings like these.

Browse though these listings and see if you can find that perfect antique school desk you have always wanted. Bid early before someone else gets the desk you are watching.

Featured Vintage Antique School Desks At Live Auctions

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Of course, one of the best sources for finding the average selling prices of an Antique School Desk is ebay. The average price is typically between $90 to $100. However, desks in excellent condition or that are unique can sell for a lot more. Some examples of completed sales of Antique School Desk include the following:

* A Jean Prouve school desk sold for $3,000.
* An antique elementary school desk sold for $150
* One Ohio school house teacher's oak desk sold for $100
* One Breadin style cast iron desk sold for $99

Unlike regular auctions of products like modern furniture that can be found on dozens of sites, antique auctions are usually one of a kind. At any given time you may only find one listing for a "antique wooden school desk with two folding seats" where-as you might find 30 auctions for a "modern school desk". The point is the Antique School Desk you want may be the only one you will see listed for a very long time so bid early and as high as you are willing to go before someone else wins the auction. Good luck bidding and have fun!

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