Pre-Prohibition Absinthe Poster Gallery

| March 8, 2017 | 3 Comments

Anyone interested in trying the legal form of Absinthe will quickly find themselves seeking to learn some of the history behind the drink. Modern movies have helped to boost a revival in the original drink and curiosity has taken over from there.

After having been banned for over a century in most countries, Absinthe is re-establishing itself as a (legal) cult favorite, and the drink of choice for people looking to become inebriated as quickly as possible. Suffice to say, many of the older absinthes producing companies are no longer in business.

These nineteenth century absinthe brands, did however, leave a wealth of history in the form of their print advertisements. Below is a compilation of our favorite absinthe posters from the drinks’ heyday. Most of these come from French brands of the time, and it is interesting to note that many prove a foreshadowing of sexual innuendo-laden modern beer advertisements. Enjoy the trip through Absinthe History in Posters.

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  1. Shanna Marzella says:

    Awesome post, hey I found this article while searching for music videos. Thanks for sharing I’ll tell my friends about this too.

  2. Ethan Rozar says:

    Many concerts, particularly rock concerts, have custom-designed posters that are used for advertisement of the event. These often become collectors items as well.

  3. Vintage Prints & Posters says:

    Great idea Ethan, I will be adding a concert poster page here soon.


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