Vintage Tanzanite Rings

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A Tanzanite ring is an ideal way to show off the bluish-purple stone named after Tanzania, a country in East Africa. Tanzanites are unique and visually interesting because there may be many shades of blue within the same stone. Since blue is a color of such universal appeal, Tanzanites are easy to wear with other jewelry, from diamond earrings to tennis bracelets and pearls.

Vintage Tanzanite Rings Available on eBay

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When Tanzanite is viewed next to metals, the blue is highlighted, making Tanzanite rings a natural choice for showing off this stone. The stone goes well with a range of metals including silver, yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 and has quickly become a favorite stone of gem lovers. Every Tanzanite ring will sparkle with a blue light. The depth of the blue and the clarity of the gem will vary from stone to stone. A Tanzanite engagement ring is a great way to break away from the tradition of diamond solitaires. You can choose a white-gold Tanzanite ring, a Tanzanite and diamond ring, or even a Tanzanite opal ring.

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