Johnny West Action Figures

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How can you tell when you are getting old? All your favorite toys you had as a kid are now called vintage and collectible toys. Here is one of my favorites as a kid. The Johnny West action figure. Johnny West was a Marx's Toys "Best of the West". The toy line featured a series of 1/6-scale characters with a western theme that offered a wide range of accessories. In 1965, the Johnny West figure was introduced and was produced for over ten years.

Featured Johnny West Action Figures

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The original body was molded from hard plastic but the head and hands were made from a softer plastic, you could even buy seperate hands with various positions and poses with movable arms and legs. If you want to re-live some good times from your childhood here are some great ebay auctions that feature Johnny West ready for action or just sitting in your collectible cabinet ready to show your grandkids what it was really like back in the day.

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