Antique Victorian Chest of Drawers

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Antique Victorian Chest of Drawers

If there were ever a group of people that knew how to make quality wood furniture it had to be the Victorians. So much of what they have made has stood the test of time, which is probably why so many people are interested in owning a victorian chest of drawers. Better yet, how about a true antique victorian chest of drawers.

So what makes the Victorian Style? There was not one dominant style of furniture in the Victorian period. Designers rather used and modified many styles taken from various time periods in history like Gothic, Tudor, Elizabethan, English Rococo, Neoclassical and others.

Most Victorian chest of drawers had the same patter or number of full width drawers (usually 2 but it can be more) topped with two drawers alongside each other, half the width of the others.

Featured Antique Victorian Chest of Drawers

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A big feature of the Victorian chest of drawers is the quality that has gone into the workmanship. Everything from the drawers to the joins and the handles are carefully built and designed to last. When you consider how much wear and tear a chest of drawer will go through in everyday use, you will appreciate the importance of this quality.

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